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Every English Learner should have access to high-quality instruction and content that is personalized to their needs. Our goal is to provide students with engaging, meaningful, high-impact tutoring programs that empower growth and proficiency.  

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Accessible and Engaging

High-Quality Curriculum for English Learners

Our VIPTeacher Community comprises 70,000 highly skilled tutors with extensive experience in delivering impactful programming to over 2 million English Learners worldwide.  
Our curriculum is carefully designed to fulfill the needs of US English Learners, aligning seamlessly with the standards and frameworks established by Common Core, WIDA, ELPAC, TPAC, and ELPS21.
We collaborate closely with schools from concept to retrospective evaluation, aiming to develop programming that leaves a lasting impact on both students and districts.

Fidelity Matters

At VIPTeacher, we integrate measurement and management as core principles to ensure fidelity in implementation. Our team collaborates closely with sites across all stages of implementation, including planning, preparation, execution, and evaluation. By actively engaging with schools throughout this process, we articulate our delivery objectives, measure success, and conduct retrospective evaluations to glean insights and lessons learned, driving continuous improvement and future growth.

Our Research Partners
Our VIPPublishing Curriculum Board
Creation and Adaptation of over 35,000 lesson slides.
Focused expertise in ELL, EFL, reading, math, and localized curriculum adaptation.

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